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Rules For Support Groups

  1. Please remember to protest and keep confidential the names, identities and personal stories of fellow members.

  2. We share feelings and experiences just as they are. There are no right or wrong statements.

  3. Members may choose to share or at times remain silent. Everyone’s presence is appreciated and can be a source of healing for others. Listening is a gift too.

  4. Please respect that you may be in a different place in your grief journey than other members of the group. Individuals respond to loss and change in different ways and different times.

  5. Cross talk is discouraged. This means while a person is sharing avoid offering comments or feedback while they are speaking. There will be a sharing stone. The person holding the stone will be the speaker.

  6. Giving or asking for advice is not allowed during discussion.

  7. Confrontation is discouraged. We are a support group.

  8. Each person knows what is best for them, if at any time persons need to leave or take a break; they are free to do so.

  9. Tears are a normal emotion of grief. There will also be times of laughter.

  10. Sharing that takes place is special to everyone in the room. Please don’t ask questions seeking more information. What each person chooses to share is appreciated and sufficient.

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